AnHui Haery Aviation Power Co.,Ltd

   "Haery Aviation Engine Engineering Research Institute” has the research and development platform  which integrates the elements of product strategies, pre-research basic theory, CAE , engine body design and development , electric control hardware and software development, test verification system. project management . And it undertakes the task of developing new product, it has a team of experts on top of the nation, cooperated with the international advanced technology company in the field of cutting-edge technology,  it has built strong independent research and development strength.

    Haery attracted all kinds of sophisticated test and analysis equipment and software from AVL in Austrian, and the Research Institute has the ability of aero engine combustion development, performance development, NVH analysis, limit condition test, extreme environmental testing, reliability testing etc.

    High level R&D talent team, reasonable organization configuration, domestic first-class research methods, scientific development and management process, strict quality management system etc, all these strengths combined enables haery to achieve stronger, lighter and greener aero-engine research.

    Through the whole development and product process of piston engine, based in Anhui, radiation throughout  the nation, haery has the capacity to provide navigation piston engine and  service.